The Comprehensive Guide to Small Motorbikes: What You Need to Know


The world of small motorbikes is an exciting and dynamic space where speed, agility, economy and comfort converge. The latest machines on the market make this reality breathtakingly marvelous.

Engine Capacity: The Heart of Small Motorbikes

There’s no denying that the engine is the heart of any motorbike. When you dig into the small motorbike realm, you’ll find engine sizes range between 50cc and 250 cc. For educational purposes, the lower end – 50-125 cc – is prevalent.

Types of Small Motorbikes

Small motorbikes come in a variety of styles, each with unique features tailored to different riding experiences.

  1. Mopeds: Mopeds have a small engine capacity, typically lesser than 50cc, perfect for urban commuting.

  2. Scooters: Scooters are the go-to choice for casual riders who are looking for comfort and simplicity.

  3. Mini Bikes: Mini bikes, known for their appealing designs, are purpose-built for adrenaline junkies who love taking on off-road paths.

  4. Dirt Bikes: Dirt bikes offer peak performance, fast acceleration, and sterling handling in off-road conditions.

  5. Sports Bikes: Small sportive motorbikes are for riders who love speed but still want economical fuel consumption.

Graduating from Small Motorbike to Larger Models

Starting with a small motorbike and then advancing to larger models is a natural progression in the realm of motorcycling. They provide a sense of control that helps novice riders gain confidence before moving on to stronger, mighty machines.

Best Small Motorbikes in 2022

  1. Honda CRF 110F: The Honda CRF 110F is a mini dirt bike designed for new riders. Its low seat height and automatic clutch make riding a pleasure.

  2. Yamaha YZF – R125: Yamaha’s YZF – R125 has a reputation for top-notch build quality, classy sportive looks, and an excellent 125cc engine.

  3. Suzuki GIXXER SF: Suzuki’s venture into the small sportive bike world, the GIXXER SF, boasts an alluring design complemented by superior handling.

  4. Vespa Primavera 50 4V: One of the most iconic scooters, the Vespa Primavera, is known for its timeless design and a modern 50cc engine.

  5. Kawasaki Z125 PRO: The Kawasaki Z125 PRO is a compact sized mini bike with sportive exterior and a powerful 125cc engine. Perfect for your everyday urban commute.

The Pleasure of Building Custom Small Motorbikes

For those with creative juices flowing through their veins, custom building their small motorbike is the ultimate riding pleasure. The joy of owning and riding a unique piece of machinery, moulded by your creative vision, is extraordinary.

Maintenance Tips for Small Motorbikes

Maintenance is essential to ensure your small motorbike runs smoothly and lasts for many years.

  • Regular inspections and oil changes go a long way in keeping your machine running efficiently.

  • Checking tyre pressure should be a part of your regular routine.

  • Maintaining the chain regularly and ensuring that it’s properly lubed can prevent premature wear and tear.

  • Always cleaning the air filter can ensure a better efficiency of the bike.


The world of small motorbikes is a space filled with endless opportunities for thrill, fun, and convenience. With various styles and models available, there’s a small motorbike out there to cater to every rider’s preferences. Start small, dream big, and let these powerful machines guide you towards the ride of your dreams.

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